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CloverField K9

Welcome to CloverField K9 - Vermont's first and only complete working dog center equipped with: The Environmental Course, extensive scent lab, and a regulation size dock-diving pool!

Where dogs can be dogs!!!



Starting Young Dogs

CloverField K9 imports, starts, trains, and sells young dogs to operational homes. We often have a handful of dogs available at various stages of training. We start our dogs on environmental challenges, detection, bite-work, and functional obedience. 

Seminars, Clinics, and Special Guests

CloverField K9 is known for bringing in world class clinicians on a regular basis. In 2023 we will be hosting: Dennis Pegge, Cameron Ford, Jerry Bradshaw, Tobias Gustavsson, and Boki Damis. We also regularly welcome a few skilled decoys for regular bitework training. 

Past iconic seminars have included: 

Ivan Balabanov, Cameron Ford, Dennis Pegge, Tobias Oleynik, Gottfried Dildei, Jay Jack, Karen Holik, and Gary Wilkes. 

Scent Work


Home to Vermont's most extensive scent lab, equipped with a variety of walls, scent boxes, pans, wheels, unique hides, and automatic reward systems to start or polish your dog on the detection & recognition of odor, and other search problems. We teach detection for a variety of purposes whether your dog is actively working in detection (police, search & rescue, etc.), or simply as an enrichment activity to do with your pet! 

Environmentals Course

Vermont's largest Environmenals Course! This course is designed for building confidence, increased handler/dog communication, heightened coordination, bettering strength & balance, practical obedience, and of course problem solving! Mini versions of obstacles are also available to cater towards puppies and smaller dogs. 

Vermont Working Dog Institute

The Vermont Working Dog Institute is geared towards canine handlers working operationally in public service jobs, as well as other canine professionals and experienced working-dog handlers. The VWDI offers a plethora of resources including a large variety of detailed search options, functional sources for real-life detection situations, tactical obstacles, bite development and more from fundamentals up through masters levels. 

Limited Boarding

Our facility was built with reactive dogs in mind. While we are not a "boarding kennel" we do offer limited  boarding to our clients and service dogs who cannot safely be left in a regular kennel environment.


Law Enforcement Rates
$50 per day 

Standard Rates 
Boarding Only: $75 per day 

Board and Play (twice daily exercise with kennel staff): $100 per day

Board and Train (twice daily training with Laura): $150 per day

Schutzhund/Trial Field

We have a fully equipped Schutzhund/trial field with 6 blinds, a wall, a jump and a small pavilion for shade.  Use our field for a personal rental, a group rental, or for an event like a clinic or trial! 

Dock Diving Pool 

Dock Diving is one of our most sought-after attractions during the summer months! We have a regulation size dock-diving pool and we welcome all levels  from first-timers to active competitors! 

Wall Climb

We are home to the north-east's only regulation vertical wall-climb complete with all safety requirements and an additional slanted training wall! 

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